Ok, so this is possibly the trickiest page to write – so in a nutshell!

  • I’m Matthew.
  • Based in the UK;
  • Aspiring to careers in business and media
  • Presented and produced community and hospital radio shows and podcasts since 2009;
  • Passionate about blogging since 2010;
  • Some things I like:
    • Motor racing [WARNING: I may bore you to death about this];
    • Following current affairs, developments in media (especially radio and podcasting) and business.
    • Anything productivity related [I’m bit of a stationery nerd]
    • Listening to all kinds of music;
    • Playing chess [definitely not a grandmaster]
    • Blogging [of course!]
    • Podcasting [stating the obvious…something I’m clearly good at].
    • A grandmaster in third-rate humour and punnery

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