Pause, reflect and what next

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Since my last post in January 2020 the world has changed beyond all recognition.

Unless you’ve been in a coma or living in the wilderness for much of this year, 2020 – aside from stating the tragic, terrifying and deadly obvious facts – has become the year where the world stayed at home to fight COVID-19.

It also became the year to pause and reflect. The same could be said for this blog. Posting regular and good content with value is not an easy thing to do. Especially if you are juggling a full-time day job and other plates in the complex plate spinning act called life.

“Ok quit the silly metaphors and get to the point.” I can hear you say. Ok ok, I was trying to be creative but I get the picture.

This blog will stay the same in some respects and not in others.

The overall focus of the blog will focus around my projects as well as the realm of podcasting, radio and other media realms that take my interest.

Hopefully along the way I will also provide content that will at least be of some value to you. Not to mention I want this to be a blog where anyone – who is interested in media or even in someone’s journey to pursuing his passion – can find this accessible, informative and possibly entertaining.

The musings posts will continue once a week – for now – and, as I mentioned before, it will become more focused towards my projects and work. I hope to write about other subjects that pick my interest from time to time.

Podcast picks will continue every first Thursday each month too. Since having returned nearly halfway through July, the July podcast picks will appear on Saturday 11/07/2020 instead.

Basically, it’ll contribute to my portfolio and I hope you’ll get something out of all of this content too.

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Speak to you later!


Podcast Picks (January 2020)

Time for some podcast picks.

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Three podcasts to start 2020 with:

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New year, new decade

Well, we’re here already and it’s hard to believe.

New year, new decade.

A quick look back to 2019 and quickly looking ahead to 2020.

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Happy New Year, С новым годом, Frohes neues Jahr, Feliz año nuevo!

I’ll share some of my podcast picks for January tomorrow.

Life Musings

A different kind of Christmas message

Every Christmas, here in the UK, after stuffing your face with chicken/turkey/beef, brussel sprouts, veg, Yorkshire puddings to the point you want to explode. At 3pm, Her Majesty the Queen gives an annual Christmas message.

A tradition that dates back to the radio Christmas message given by King George in the 1930s to the UK and the then British Empire via the BBC Empire Service.

It’s a staple Christmas appointment in my family. Granted it’s not for everyone and not everyone is a fan of the British monarchy but it wouldn’t really be a British Christmas without it.

That in mind, I thought about doing something like that for this blog and podcast. Where the actual Christmas message is a fully produced short story. My one would be the bulletpoint pamphlet of how to be more positive.

In fact I did something like this for my SunnyG show on Monday [returning on 6th of January between 1800 and 2000 on, ok shameless and unsubtle plug done], so let’s do that now.

Let’s take a couple of minutes to spare a thought or two for those less fortunate.

Spare a thought for those who don’t have a home.

Spare a thought for those who don’t have loved ones or no longer have loved ones.

Spare a thought for the emergency services keeping us safe and well this Christmas.

Spare a thought for those who are elderly and vulnerable.

Spare a thought for those volunteering their time to look out for those most vulnerable.

Spare a thought for those having to work during Christmas.

Feeling like Christmas is not as good? Think of three things you have that you like and are grateful for. You got it good if you have 3 or more.

Merry Christmas, Frohe Weihnachten, Feliz Navidad, С Рождеством!


Offline Sundays

One Sunday in August I decided to spend the day offline. No smartphone, no tablet, no laptop. Only a Nokia feature phone for company.

It was a hot, sunny Sunday in Glasgow with clear skies. Probably the only time you’ll hear “hot”, “sunny”, “clear skies” and “Glasgow” in the same sentence until next year.

I went to Glasgow Green, surrounding by trees, sat in the shade under a tree with the sound of happy people chattering along with the River Clyde’s rippling waves nearby.

Being offline here was liberating, like shutting the heavy soundproof door on the busy, noisy, fast connected world I’m used to.

Here it didn’t matter about what was on my task list or where I had to be next. Here I can enjoy the moment – something admittedly I try to do more regularly – and enjoy the rare summer weather.

An hour and a half later it was back to the flat to sit in my silent bedroom. Magic.

I enjoyed being offline so much that I decided to make this a fortnightly feat.

In an era of being permanently connected we should be aware of its consequences. We try to drink alcohol or eat chocolate in moderation (with varying degrees of success).

Maybe it’s time to view being connected in the same way.