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Reconnect and relax with nature

In the last few weeks the UK has had brilliant sunny weather; in this podcast/blog post Matthew shares one way to bask in the rare sunshine and it’s attached perks. Especially during mental health awareness week in the UK.

Enjoyed the good weather this weekend in the UK? If you were in a city like me you missed out. Unlike you, being a former coastal town resident, it’s even better when you connect with nature.

I grew up in Dalgety Bay – a coastal commuter town in West Fife, Scotland where the Fife Coastal path connects it all the way to St Andrews in East Fife and dominating Fife coastal adventures. So many woodlands and beaches to explore while admiring the beautiful views of the Firth of Forth.

Walking along Hopeward Mews – providing you stay away from the radioactive portions – on a summer’s sunset can be a glorious sight. It can be romantic, lovely and powerful to behold.

Even walking along St David’s Harbour, especially on a crisp winter’s evening is amazing. Now being a city body in Glasgow, coming back to my coastal town roots is actually really refreshing. Especially as an antidote to the chaos, hustle and bustle it brings.

During the amazing weather at the Easter weekend, I went on Shanks’ pony, took my digital SLR camera, inhaled the countryside air and witnessed some beautiful views seen between Dalgety Bay and the neighbouring village Aberdour.

Sunshine in the countryside
Sheep in the distance in the sunny countryside
The Firth of Forth in the distance
My favourite spot on “The Avenue”.

Coming here made me feel positive, relaxed, reminiscent of walking along “The Avenue”, as it’s known locally, over the years.

In fact, walking through woodlands also has many benefits too according to various studies. Lowering stress, eliminating fatigue, give anxiety and depression a knockout blow, and even some studies claim it can lower chances of certain cancers (however it’s too early to say conclusively on that last point).

It’s a great, cheap way to exercise your body and especially your mind too. Let’s face it, since it’s mental health awareness week here in the UK, perhaps we should all take the opportunity to reconnect with nature.

Speaking just now I can smell the freshly cut grass along with the trees, the salty sea.

Oh please just take me back there!

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