Life Musings

My honey soothed my throat

For the last few weeks I’ve been ill with a back-to-back virus and cold. No violins for me please – I’m the last person you want to give sympathy to. Especially when the bad boys of the disease-verse such as Measles are unfortunately and frustratingly trending.

During my virus’ phase, I woke up one morning at 3am and as soon as I swallowed, it was like opening a tub of scissors with the razor sharp blades pointing outwards with your bare hands. Very uncomfortable.

That evening I remembered a homemade remedy a former girlfriend gave me. Black tea with squeezable honey.

This time I poured a reasonable amount, more than a few drops but not enough for Winnie the Pooh to confiscate my squeezable honey pot.

Took a sip…it became my magic elixir!

Within 24 hours the tub of scissors disappeared.

It shouldn’t be surprising since honey is widely known for its antibacterial properties, able to improve levels of "good" cholesterol, help suppress coughs (especially for children) and it’s much healthier than gorging on refined sugar.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a doctor or a medical expert (definitely a proud non-expert in nearly everything) but I can agree with much of this.

Plus, it tastes damn good! Much tastier than gargling warm water with salt. A good antibacterial mouthwash but not a drink I’d order in a restaurant.

Safe to say this is now in my voiceover toolkit (and I’m not alone) along with the standard throat lozenges and water.

A sweet solution that was definitely the bees knees (yeah that was intended).