Podcast Picks (July 2020)

Podcast picks are back! Here I share three podcasts you should try.

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The Guardian Long Read

  • Similar to the Curio app – audio versions of their long read articles on theguardian.com.
  • Good variety of voices – some by the writers themselves others voiced by a wide range of voice actors.
  • Long read articles covers various topics – The environment, AI, COVID-19, the rise of ALDI supermarkets (a favourite of mine)
  • Great passive listen – while working or relaxing
  • Easy listen in terms of voices
  • Not for those looking for a short podcast to listen to
  • Search “The Guardian Audio Long Read” in your podcast app or search engine.

WTF1 Podcast

  • Podcast by Formula 1 website wtf1.com
  • First discovered them on YouTube
  • Race reviews, F1 news and features
  • Features including “That Time When” – discussing key moments in F1 history, my favourite.
  • Different style to other F1 podcasts
  • WTF1 – aimed at – mainly – the millennial generation
  • Nice, approachable style
  • Roundtable format works nicely
  • Primarily Hosted Matt Gallagher – about to co-commentate for F1TV and the F2 World Feed this coming weekend.
  • Search for “WTF1 Podcast” in your podcasting app or search engine

Nick Abbot Habit

  • Podcast by UK talk station LBC
  • Presented by Nick Abbot – formerly of Virgin Radio and Talk Radio in the 1990s among other UK stations.
  • Best bits of his Friday and Saturday night shows
  • Personally selected by Nick
  • Dry sense of humour and sarcastic – my kind of humour
  • Around 30 minutes long
  • Zany style with clips from his soundbox and mocking silly callers
  • Search “The Nick Abbot Habit” in your podcast app or search engine

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