Busy with The Feelgood Lounge – the latest show and reflections

I’ll be honest – I’ve not been good with producing regular content on here or on social media and that’s my fault so sorry for that. It’s something I’m thinking about how to fix and I’ll let you know what my next steps are in due course. For this post, rather than trying to painstakingly plan and craft in advance, this one will be more off-the-cuff.

Despite that – I’ve been really really busy with my hospital radio show The Feelgood Lounge I present every week on Southern Sound Hospital radio. It’s definitely a highlight of my week regardless if I have the greatest week ever or the worst week ever.

From around 15 minutes before 8pm when I Skype in to just after 10pm when I take off my headphones, switch off my mixer and close the Skype line for another week, the time flies at warp factor 10.

I am blessed to have a great co-host in Fiona and a fantastic engineer in Graham providing that vital technical link between Fiona and I and the radio station. Not to mention he’s also a good laugh on air (and off-air with his colourfully blunt and dry wit and remarks that keep all of us in stitches).

If we can make even a small difference to whoever tunes in from hospital and at least make him/her chuckle and smile, then job done.

My studio clock counting down the minutes to going on air. The buzz really kicks in around 7:30pm onwards.
Reflections on show 22 and now on Mixcloud

On Friday, I caught up with the backlog of previous shows that need to be uploaded onto Southern Sound’s Mixcloud. You can find the latest show below and others at The Feelgood Lounge page on this website.

Plus you can head over to Southern Sound’s Mixcloud page to find this and many other great Southern Sound shows to listen to whenever and wherever you like. Ok, team player plugging – tick!

Show 22 was a great laugh, especially during the first hour. I won’t spoil it for you but I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard on air for a while when we talked about a rather risqué Halloween tradition in particular.

Show 22 was also a particular challenge as we were broadcasting on Guy Fawkes Night. If you’re not from the UK, once a year the country highlights the failed assassination attempt of King James I on 05/11/1605 by the Gunpowder plot. The UK celebrates this failed attempt by lighting bonfires (not so common in Scotland) and setting off fireworks.

Let me tell you – presenting organised entertaining drivel while so many fireworks that explode so loudly to make you wonder if you were broadcasting from some warzone is not easy. A real test of concentration.

For me that’s another quality any good presenter needs to have – adaptability.

What’s next?

Speaking of which I’m currently preparing some posts including one about my observations on presenting a show from home and another about what’s it like to only present versus presenting and operating your mixing desk (or tech opping) concurrently.

All being well I hope, I can share these with you along with my podcast picks for November from this coming week.

The Feelgood Lounge broadcasts on Southern Sound every Thursday evening 2000 UK time on Channel 8 in the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and on southernsound.org.uk.

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