Life Musings

Happy Rain Day!

Did you know it is Rain day today? You might do if you’re in the US. Or, especially if you’re in the UK, you might think I’m stating the bleeding obvious. Considering that many days here are rainy days!

At times it feels like the amount of rainfall we get is ridiculous – whether it’s in Scotland or in Manchester. Addiction to water must be a huge epidemic within the universe of plants.

Personally I have a mixed relationship with rain. One half hates it: the unpredictability and disruption it causes and in some cases how it can screw up your mood. Not to mention "getting soaked like a soggy kitty".

On the other hand, listening to the rain from indoors, is strangely soothing. There’s something nice about droplets of water in the air falling. Almost like a call to relax but not over any loudspeakers.

Unsurprisingly it’s not celebrated here in the UK. Otherwise it would be the longest celebration of something ever.

In the US however, where it is less rainy, it is a special day. So much so there’s even a Rain Day festival in Waynesburgh, Pennsylvania. All started with local pharmacist William Allison being told by a local farmer in 1874 it always rained on his birthday.

The street festival that happens today began in 1979 and in the last 145 years – it has rained for 115 of them.

Back in the UK, at least we can take comfort of how rain is a powerful destresser and, according to one study, a concentration enhancer.

We should see it as a positive. Difficult since the British mentality is predominantly negative, but you have to start somewhere.