Life Musings

Getting back into something and going for it

I’ve changed a lot as a person over the years. I’m more confident, cooler-headed, organised, disciplined and resilient in tough times, with a more positive outlook on life.

All of which I’m proud of. However what I’m not proud of is, due to various circumstances and wrong choices, letting some of my bigger interests drift.

This in turn has created levels of self-doubt and questioning who I really was. Despite putting on a brave, "shut up and get on with it" face among family and friends.

Letting my serious hobbies (presenting, voiceovers, podcasting and blogging) [although I still aim to turn into serious careers eventually] drift apart, felt like a part of my soul was dying.

Not to mention real-life got in the way and once you have an independent life (amazing as it is) then you have to survive as well as live.

Of course, I have discovered many new hobbies and interests too in recent years. So it isn’t quite the "end of a happy life" post as you may think.

In recent months, rediscovering blogging and podcasting has felt like getting the good parts of the old Matthew back.

The most difficult step came recently while preparing July content for this blog.


I guess one flaw – of many – I have is being a perfectionist. Obsessed with creating that perfect blog post and even a slight flaw can transform my view of it from being fantastic to s***.

Which then bred the "waiting for the right moment" routine.

Classic case study of perfectionist procrastination.

Procrastination is the bogeyman of productivity and for someone who aspires to be a productive person it’s a source of inner frustration.

Interestingly, according to many articles and research on the subject, procrastination isn’t defined as laziness nor is it exclusively about perfectionism or being overwhelmed.

It can stem from overconfidence, fear of being successful, failing to convert from a dreamer to a doer; as well as having – what I like to call – the magpie effect. Easily distracted by literal and metaphorical shiny things.

Thankfully it can be tackled and there are many solutions out there which merit their own blog post.

For me, I think how I partly curbed it was reaching the "f*** it" stage and like switching on a diesel generator, I’m gravitating towards changing for the better.

Besides having a hobby, according to experts, is good for the mind, career and your character.

It’s still work in progress. It will take time. No doubt there’ll be hurdles along the way.

But at least it’s a start.

Life Musings

Rediscovering the old, discovering the new

1st of July 2018. New chapter, fresh start, fresh hope for the future and when I left the past firmly behind.

Yeah I’m being lazy – shamelessly copy and pasting my previous post’s opening paragraph. Because I can.

Another important thing that happened since becoming an adopted Weegie is discovering new interests and rediscovering old ones.

Going to the gym has been a rediscovery for me. This certainly helped me lose weight when I lived in Manchester back in 2017. Going for 2am workouts were a staple in my schedule.

Ever since moving to Glasgow I wanted to take up a sport. I have done in recent weeks: Badminton. One of the few sports I was actually modestly competent at during school. Nearly 15 years later I started to play it as an adult.

My first session was horrendous but recently it clicked for me and I’m looking forward to improving my game, while meeting great people.

Fully discovering astronomy has been another big one for me recently. I recently attended a lecture given by Dallas Campbell, it was fascinating to know the incredible technological development and vast requirements needed to do space travel. Wondering what’s out there, admiring the beautiful stars at night above us further fuels the flame of curiosity.

I also undertook a sound engineering course in 2018 and for the first time in years and years I actually enjoyed being in a classroom environment.

I’ve also rediscovered podcasting – both as a listener and a creator. Now I’m working on my next steps, I’ll share more details in due course. The same can be said for blogging.

I even rediscovered languages – starting to learn Spanish, German and Russian again. Bueno, gut, Хорошо.

In short, moving to a new city can rejuvenate yourself and help discover yourself. Of course this doesn’t mean it won’t continue. Far from it, I hope 2019 will take it further.

Feliz Año Nuevo, Frohes Neues Jahr, С новым годом, Happy New Year. I hope your 2019 will be loving, prosperous and memorable. More content will be coming to Hansen’s Corner during 2019. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter to get the latest updates.