The Feelgood Lounge: Shows 1 to 22 and Show 23 (12/11/2020)

Time to add a new kind of blog post.

Each Friday I hope to share details of each show for The Feelgood Lounge, any thoughts and reflections on the previous night’s show as well as links to Southern Sound’s website, it’s Mixcloud page and social media accounts.

This week, thankfully, no fireworks to deal with unlike show 22. Believe me it’s not easy to talk – at least in my case vaguely – coherently when you have colourful and sparkly play missiles assaulting the night sky.

I’m actually not a spoilsport with fireworks; going to a fireworks display is always awesome. Just not while presenting shows.

Another great thing about presenting with others is the fun and laughs off-air. The Irn-Bru debate really began to fizz and if you think we’re chatty on-air, we’re even moreso when the mics are off.

On this week’s show.

Anyway, this week’s show we’re talking lockdown hobbies, is Irn-Bru tastier in Scotland, a heroic pet parrot, as well as helping you find your zen and more. Select play on the player below to listen.

Listen to previous shows either by visiting Southern Sound’s Mixcloud page or the dedicated page on this website and select play on whichever episode you want to hear. That page gets updated weekly so be sure to save it to your bookmarks.

Find out more about Southern Sound by:

The Feelgood Lounge, Thursday evenings 2000-2200 UK time, on channel 8 in the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow and

Want to request or dedicate a song to a loved one in hospital? Send a Direct Message on Facebook/Instagram (@southernsoundhospitalradio) or email requests[AT]southernsound[DOT]org[DOT]uk with the subject “Feelgood Lounge request” by Tuesday 2100 UK time. Any requests sent after this time will go into the following week’s show.